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a score for an action

Arborescence:   a score for an action

Action:   Cultivate a deeply meaningful relationship with one tree.

Duration:   One solar year.

​These small "flags" (8" x 10") are the first version of the score that was created to hang in the trees along a trail in Leakin Park, Baltimore, MD. The "score" was written on mulberry paper, then hand-stitched to natural wool felt, then coated with beeswax encaustic. Entirely compostable.

A score for a performance or for a life-action or an artwork is composed in the same ways that a musical score is developed. The musician interprets the notes on the page with her own instrument and nuances of emotion.

The word "score" has so many possible meanings (notch, scratch, incision; earn points or rewards; to measure or count; to avenge a wrong; to write a work of music; to draw a line). What it mean for you to take this action, to decide to follow this score?

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