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2021  DRAFT in progress: Slow Art at Otter Creek: Handbook and Manifesto
                           for artist-initiated remediation, community public art, art-sci collaborations
                           temporarily available for educational purposes. 

022 (forthcoming)  "Arborescence: a Score"  in Ecoart in Action, multiple eds.  New Village Press

2014          Intra-Active Art-ing and the Nattering Matter of Mattering Matter.                                                                        Antennae: the Journal of Nature in Visual Culture. Spring 2014.                                      
                    Online journal.


2010-ongoing "Eco-Art-Works" (blog).


2012              "A Microbe Manifesto". The Soil Remembers. Rhonda Janke, ed/pub.

                           Web. September, 2012.


2011              "Interspecies Dialogues in Eco-Art". MFA Thesis. Goddard College. Print.


2007               "Artists Render the Human Condition".  photo by Frank Ross.

                                    Jefferson County Leader,  “This Week Arts Magazine”, April 4. Print.


1997               "Facing and Thinking about 'Being White'". Present Time Journal. Rational Island                                                 Publishers. Seattle, WA. (Issue 106. Vol. 29 No.1) January, 1997. Print.



Slow Art handbook
Being White
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