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video interviews

Presentation at Duke University's Enviro-Art Gallery 2021. 
With guest Valarie St. Pierre (Apsalooka Crow).

"Follies and Fortunes in Community/Public Ecoart
and Art-Science Collaborations"

In this talk, I'l focus on "What worked and what I learned" for the perspective of aspiring ecoarts practitioners. for both the arts and the sciences.  As case studies, we will use five of my collaborative projects, with scientists, multi-species communities and Native collaborators.


Interview with Deanna and Rich Pindell, 2016.

Location: Seametrey Children's village, Cambodia

As we finished the "Koh Seametrey" project, filmmaker Maxie Borchert interviewed us. See also the film on the Koh Seametrey page, which documents the project.

Video interview by Laiwan, filmed at the conference:  'Making, Meaning & Context: A Radical Reconsideration of Art’s Work' Vermont, 2011.

Video interview by staff at the American Meteorological Society annual conference. Dr. Ankur Desai and Deanna Pindell were paired for an artist-scientist collaboration for the conference theme on Communicating Climate Change.This invitational, curated by Lele Barnett, was the first such project for both Dr. Desai and Pindell. The collaboration resulted in this sculpture and poetry, 'Adaptive Capacity', but has led both  Desai and Pindell into other art-science collaborative ventures.
Seattle, 2010.

"Beyond Landscape", an international exhibit of environmental artists produced by WEAD. Pindell's work, "Unsanctioned Restoration Mugshots" received third place award.

This video shows works in
the exhibit and interviews the founding members and current board of WEAD, the Women Environmental Artist Directory (a multi-faceted organization which includes people of all genders). 2012.

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