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resin over fiberglass, tar, painted lumber, sonic effect
two elements at 4’ x 4’ x 4’; one element at 2’ x 2’ x 2’

Complete installation dimension:  30 yards deep

Site-specific Installation: Red Square, University of Washington. Seattle, WA, USA

This public work responded empathetically to three trees isolated in the expansive hard-brick pavement of Red Square, the center of the campus. Originally, there had clearly been four trees, but one had died enduring the hardships of the location.

Triangular “meditation  enclosures” were built, each of which embrace a tree. A small zen-style meditation bench waits at the base of each tree, inviting a person to take respite.
Sound element: Although the first two trees are 10 yards apart, the triangular enclosures provide a sonic “megaphone” effect, so that a person seated in one chamber may speak quietly with a person in the opposing chamber.

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