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Galatea's Waterfalls (proposal drawing )

Proposed location: Haller Fountain Hillside, Port Townsend, WA  ​

Proposed medium: concrete, beach-glass mosaic.

Proposed size: 50 feet x 225 feet x 100 feet (elevation) 

Commissioning agency: Artist-initiated.

Proposed project partners: City of Port Townsend


This Site-specific design for treatment of urban stormwater runoff was created for the saltwater town of Port Townsend, WA. Currently, polluted street runoff is directed straight into Puget Sound via Port Townsend’s waterfront. Instead, it could easily be redirected into this artful treatment.

Alternating flow-forms and settling ponds are set into the steep hill above Haller fountain, and will aerate the water and allow sediments to settle out.

The design is inspired by the existing details in the Victorian statue / fountain of Galatea, located at the base of the stairs. The sea-snails and dragonfish are interpreted with colorful beach-glass mosaics.

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