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poplar branch from 110-year old tree, encaustic, stones, concrete

Clearing area: 30ʼx25ʼx8ʼ
Websterʼs Woods Sculpture Park, Port Angeles, WA.


“Deanna Pindell (Port Hadlock) has imported segments of another fallen woods soldier, this one a giant old willow that met the chopping block because it was "too messy.'  

Pindell has created a memorial by mounting a segrnent of one of its massive trunks as if it were the bronze statue of an anonymous amputee veteran.  Blanched to a ghostly palor and stained blue in it’s sunken fissures, it has a mummified anatomical aspect that makes it seem almost human.”

         "Art Outside lX", by Jake Seniuk
         On Center, July - September 2008

Small clearing along a wooded trail creates a meditative sanctuary.
One branch  from an ancient tree serves as a memorial, and is balanced by a deep void dug   into the earth.

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