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Aviva Rahmani's Blued Trees

Blued Trees is an aesthetic strategy to protect and conserve lands through copy-right and new legal precedents for the "public moral good". This project was designed and led by Aviva Rahmani, an internationally-respected leader in eco-art and deep-eco-feminism. It was concieved to block an oil pipeline, the Alogonquin Pipeline, which passes adjacent to the Indian Point Nuclear Facility. Legally, the project pits artists' copyright  against eminant domain in a challenge to the legal definition of "pubic good".

Rahmani invited an international Greek Chorus of activist artists to participate, by painting the musical score on trees in their own region. These images show the activists of "Arts for Earth", a group Pacific Northwest artists-activists. We painted trees in the woods of Pindellopia, near Port Townsend WA.. Each painted tree is part of a score of haunting music. Blued Trees is a symphonic installation for the silent trees that would be destroyed to enable the pipeline.
Aviva Rahmani
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