In the Kiln!
In the Kiln!

The entire figure was fired in one piece, at cone 10, reduction. Heck of a job with several people to get her into that kiln! The ceramic kiln at Olympic College, where Deanna taught drawing and design, and also worked in the ceramic studio.

stoneware ceramic, steel, recycled innertube rubber​
Installation: 8’ x 4’ x 4’​

The life-sized figure rests on a dais made from industrial steels and pipe.

Surrounding the figure are 18 life-scale birds; seven are bound and suspended by black rubber; the others are animated around the dais.

The torn and distressed surface of the figure contrasts with the serenity of the facial expression and the clean glossy white of the interior void;  expressing serenity  and the duality of the infinite inner spirit versus the temporal physical body.