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Unsanctioned Restoration Actions

Unsanctioned Restoration Actions  is an ongoing performative project in collaboration with Douglas Fir trees. Unsanctioned Restoration Mugshots documents these youthful delinquents.​

Life for these Fir seedlings began in unfortunate circumstances. Perhaps they germinated underneath power lines, or in lots slated for development.  These youths sprout as wayward and neglected weeds.  They are highly at-risk for future delinquency: blocking views, disrupting power lines, and worse. Society generally chops them down before they have a chance.

These yearlings must be rescued and nurtured.  Eventually they are replanted along eroding hillsides and stream-banks, where trees are needed to protect the watershed. The young trees thrive in a healthier habitat, where they can be successful and useful to their ecosystem.

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