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Who speaks?  (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)




I am the Lorax.  I speak for the Trees.
If language is culture, then the essence is these:

that humans don’t whisper, or spout, or yell

in any Other language.  They can’t spell

in Cetacean, or conjugate in Cat.

They won’t write poems in Worm,

nor read Shakespeare to Rat.



I am the Lorax.   I speak for the Fleas!

Bark-Beetles, Wasps, Mosquitos, and Bees.


We’ll teach you our language, we’ll happily share

We’re learning your “tricks”, but we’ve juicier fare!


The absence of Grammar means naught in the Sea,
And Jungle’s not fraught with idiocy.

For the Whales sing ballads of epic enorm,

Elephant gives warning of earthquake or storm,

And Honey Bees dance in mathematical form.

Fungi spread news of a nutrient bunch

And carry the molecules to Rootlets for lunch!

We speak through our noses, our eyes, and our touch,

Buzzing, and pissing, and sonar, and such.

We’ve no shortage of chatter ‘tween species, my friend.

If only you’ll listen, this Earth we could mend.

Dear Humans, we plead, please listen to Tree

For Astonishing Wisdom awaits you and me.

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